Lifting Solutions

What is Track-O?

Track-O is a motorised hand truck and stair climber which is capable of safely lifting and moving loads up to 500kg up stairs; and up to 1000kg on the flat. It is brought to Australia exclusively by Hasemer Materials Handling. Designed and built in Canada, Track-O has been specifically designed to help avoid serious back injuries by workers carrying heavy loads up stairs, for both indoor and outdoor use.

How Track-O benefits your company:

When you have heavy objects (up to 500kg) that need to be safely moved up stairs or over grass, gravel, sand or even snow, Track-O is perfect. Whether it’s safely moving large and heavy boxes, vending machines, safes, boilers, barrels, motors, compressors, spas or even pianos, Track-O is designed for this purpose. It can easily go through standard door widths (820mm) and doesn’t leave marks on floors.

There are a number of models available, depending upon your application. The Twin Track 66 is capable of moving 1000kg on the flat, and up to 500kg on the incline.

Track-O is safe, quiet, easy to learn and easy to operate, and is extremely tough and reliable

It can easily be fitted with ancillary equipment such as a jib crane, scissor lift table or bucket hopper (green-go).