Cranesafe Services Pty Ltd

About Robert Slaymaker,
Managing Director

Robert (Rob) is the Managing Director and owner of Cranesafe Services.

Rob has built his experience and ever growing reputation over the last ten years by working with many, many overhead cranes and hoists. He has been passionate about engineering and mechanics since a young man and decided to build his career working for reputable companies with the aspiration of building his own business.

Rob's responsibility as a Cranesafe leader is to provide first class customer service and to support the Cranesafe team from their base in Geelong.

Rob is known for his experience, knowledge and customer service approach. He has a great rapport with all his clients and many have said that it's not about the company, it is all about the competency, trust and communication of the person carrying out the work.

In turn, Cranesafe's customers are often amazed by Rob’s vast range of industry and business knowledge, across a number of critical success areas for businesses using cranes and hoists. 

Therefore, you will find Rob is an engaging and thoughtful man who knows his stuff when it comes to cranes. He is dedicated to delivering first class crane, hoist and customer services to Cranesafe's wide range of customers.

About Samantha Mullan, 
Business Manager 

Samantha (Sam) is a Business Manager of Cranesafe Services. She leads the business administration team at Cranesafe Services.

Sam completed her Master of Business in Manufacturing Management in 2001. Cranesafe is ideal as she leads the team from their base in Geelong on a part time basis.

Sam has built her experience, business and passion for customer service reputation over the last 10 years working with many assignments to deliver business risk and process improvement systems.

She is as dedicated as Rob, to deliver first class services to Cranesafe's customers and to provide the ideal working environment for the team with the necessary systems and tools to perform.

Sam has held positions previously requiring her to use a wide range of competencies and skill. This means she has successfully managed and delivered the following: 

  • Client management systems and processes 
  • Leading and designing production planning and scheduling 
  • Project management processes and plans 
  • Setting up purchasing systems 
  • Accounts management
  • Human resources management 

She has had over ten year’s experience working within business management, specifically client management systems and processes predominately for the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Sam has worked with companies such as Qantas Airways, Denso Manufacturing, KSB Ajax Pumps, Barwon Health, Royal Children’s Hospital and Cranesafe Services.

Rob and Sam are a great team with Rob’s technical skill and Sam’s business knowledge and they look forward to many years of successful client crane and hoist services and business growth.

Michael Kotwic

Senior Technician – Mechanical

Michael is a Senior Service technician at Cranesafe Services. Michael has over 10 years experience in mechanical engineering and Fabrication.

His attention to detail is second to none and he pushes himself to make sure all of his work is to the highest standard possible